Stained Glass Windows

The DRC invited the explorers to restore some stained glass windows. The best restored pieces were displayed in the neighbourhoods.

The explorers are being given a chance to make a contribution to the restoration effort.

The DRC have recently located a few pieces of stained glass artwork depicting [Eder Tsogal / Eder Delin / the Great Zero] and are giving the explorers the opportunity to restore them to their former glory.

If you are interested, please submit your restored designs to Designs will be accepted until Midnight MST on [March 26th / April 23rd / July 21th, 2007]. Your submission is governed by (these terms and conditions)(#). Contest limited to explorers and visitors to the cavern.

Please use the following guidelines:

Image Size - 1024 by 1024, 72 DPI
Include your Explorer Name

Thank you for contributing to the restoration,


Restored Eder Delin Windows

Restored by Ekis Restored by zalionXI Restored by Rustee

Restored Eder Tsogal Windows

Restored by Moiety Jean Restored by Barbara Restored by Cycreim

Restored Great Zero Windows

Restored by Mister Cloak Restored by Tweek Restored by Resolute Guardian